Dublin is a great city to visit on your family vacation or a weekend getaway with friends. It has long been established as a popular tourist destination. At some time, Dublin was especially popular with stag and hen parties, to the point of pubs even banning soon-to-be-weds from entering their premises. Yet, people keep on coming to this day. If it’s not to experience the pub culture or amazing live music venues, it’s to get a sense of its rich history and culture or enjoy the breathtaking views of Dublin’s rolling hills and rocky coastline.

So, what exactly is so captivating about this city that makes you keep on coming back? Let’s find out.

Perks of a small city

Dublin is a medium-sized city so you can easily get to different parts of it without having to travel far. That means that instead of spending hours on a commute, you can dedicate your time to sightseeing and visit multiple places of interest in just one day. Many travel agencies may offer you day trips and full-day excursions. That way, you can explore the city as well as the surrounding areas.

Although it’s relatively small, still some places may be far enough for you to need a commute. If you ask the locals, public transportation isn’t the best, that’s why many people decide on getting a taxi instead to get around the city.

Pub culture

It goes without saying that the main attraction of Dublin is its great choice of pubs that offer you an assortment of alcoholic beverages to warm you up and lift your spirits. The pub culture is big and very popular with tourists. Currently, there are around 750 pubs in Dublin city and county, the majority of which gravitate towards the city centre. So if you’re strolling around Dublin and feel like getting a drink, most likely the nearest pub will be just a hand’s length away. You can get a drink at a different place each night and won’t run out of options even in a year.

Live music venues

Dublin is buzzing with live music performances or funky festivals every night of the week, throughout the year. Disco parties. Authentic root music nights. Rock concerts. They’ve got it all! Ticket prices may be somewhat expensive, but if you make friends with the locals, they’ll happily tell you what places are mostly for emptying the pockets of one-time comers and tourists, and where you can get the same great experience for a more reasonable price. Dublin appreciates indy and local musicians and supports them in any way possible. Many play at the local pubs like the Cobblestone or Whelan’s.

Beautiful city center

Dublin has a rich history and culture that stem back to the Vikings. The city has been inhabited since 841, so it carries a lot of history in its streets and buildings. Some historic buildings have been preserved since the 12th century. The architecture of Dublin is a collection of Victorian and Edwardian styles, neoclassicism, and modernism. Beautiful Gothic Christ Church Cathedral and St. Patrick’s Cathedral can be found in the heart of the city. And the Irish government resides in the Dublin Castle, which, except seldom occasions, is always open for visitors. Being in Dublin truly feels like breathing in history.

Although many Dubliners or people who moved here from other cities or even countries often complain about the high cost of living, it’s usually the case in capital cities. You’re not only paying for the roof over your head but for an experience, a chance to appreciate all the people who’ve set foot here centuries ago and accomplished something great, inspired by the spirit of the city.

Friendly Dubliners

Dubliners are very hospitable. Many a time, Dublin has been recognized as the friendliest city in the world, and rightly so. If a Dubliner spots you at a pub and recognizes you as a tourist, more likely than not, he’ll treat you to a pint of stout and tell you about all the places that you need to see in his beloved city. They never miss a chance to say “thank you” and “sorry”, and are generally a friendly bunch.

As you can see, Dublin is a great place to visit or maybe even stay for a little longer. It can attract an adventurous soul, as well as a seasoned traveler. So keep that in mind when planning your next vacation and come to see all that Dublin has got to offer.