Dublin, being the capital city of Ireland, has a lot of points of interest. From pubs to churches, there is a lot to choose from, yet, one might question himself, what about the outside of the city? What can me as a traveler see outside of a somewhat gray and busy city? And, the answer is simple, the Howth peninsula.


Situated near the Dublin Bay, the place is probably the most prominent coast Dublin has to offer. With rich nature and breathtaking sights, there’s a lot to enjoy even for those of you who like the city. Indeed, nature is striking and extremely easy to reach via taxi or even bus. Just in 45 minutes, you will transition yourself from a crowded city to what is probably the most relaxing place on earth.



While Dublin has a lot of parks and cool places to visit, the peninsula has a completely different feel to it. The sound of the sea and the mountain air is what really helps set the tone of the whole area. And, while others might argue that aside from nature, there’s little to see, in reality, you have the majestic Howth castle, ruins of an 11th-century abbey and the national museum of transport.



The howth castle

Image taken from: Pinterest

It’s hard to imagine the place without the primary tourist attraction, the 16th century old Howth Castle. What’s interesting about the castle, is it’s still occupied by the Ireland descendants. Another thing to mention while we’re on the subject is that it was renovated and modified over the years. Making it an aggregation of different architectural styles. On warm weekends, guided tours are available, and it’s highly recommended to grab a taxi cause sometimes the buses are literarily overloaded with tourists and you might end up not being able to book a seat. You can always order a tour online and often than not, it’s way cheaper than buying it physically, but again, this is all based on luck.

11-th century abbey

Image taken from: http://irelandinruins.blogspot.com

Moving on to the ruins, Howth, aside from having an amazing castle, has the Saint Mary’s Abbey. This is something everyone should visit as it is not only majestic but features a long and, interesting history behind it. The place can get crowded, and sometimes it’s hard to explore certain areas. Hence, why it would be beneficial to order a taxi beforehand. In the morning, the place is kinda deserted and you will have the ability to explore places that usually require you to stay in a line.


Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Image taken from: TTNotes.com

The last attraction on our list is, of course, the museum of transport. From old buses to top of the line public transport solutions, they have a lot of cool things to see. The oldest exhibition they offer, dates back to 1883, while the newest is 1984.  The core mission of the museum itself is to preserve the history of many different trams, buses, taxis they have. The museum host different vehicles, companies of which are extinct, and this is genuinely something you don’t see every day. Indeed, you have all your paintings, sculptures, but this place clearly proves that automobiles are art as well. It is also worth mentioning that this is the only comprehensive museum of transport Ireland has, as the Transport Museum Society of Ireland lacked the necessary vehicles.



As the title suggests, the place is magnificent and if you plan on visiting Dublin, you better not miss out on Howth. They have a lot of interesting things to see and if you are one of those who likes nature above all else, this is the perfect place. It gets crowded sometimes, but you can easily tackle this issue but ordering a taxi online. You’ll get faster there, you’ll have the ability to take some amazing photos since no one will be bothering you, and overall it will be way more interesting than a guided tour. This is one few places that should be explored on your own.