Introducing the VIP Taxis Mobile App

To make booking a taxi easier, faster and more convenient for our clients, we created the VIP Taxis Dublin mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices.

Using our intelligent software, that saves your most frequented Pick Up locations, it takes only a few seconds to place a new booking directly from the handy favorites list.

Best for Business: Payment Options

Some passengers prefer paying in cash, others using a credit or debit card. To make it easy and convenient for our customers, and avoid having to stop at an ATM along the way, we enabled all our cars to receive both, cash and card payments.

Book Your Next Taxi Ride in Advance

Planning ahead can save you time and help you organize your trip and errands better. With our taxi booking app, you can make a booking hour, days or weeks in advance. Additionally, you can review, edit or cancel your bookings at any time.
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At VIP Taxis we record information relating to your booking. We respect your rights to privacy and will only process your personal data with your consent and in accordance with our Privacy Notice and Terms & Conditions.