Spring is that time of the year when nature awakens from its slumber, and everything around you seems to be enthralled by this spirit of rejuvenation and splendor. It’s the time when you feel young inside and out, a time of new beginnings and dream-come-trues. When you take that first whiff of spring air, you feel like changing something around you, doing something bold and adventurous, finding a new direction in life. It doesn’t mean that you have to do something radical. Sometimes something as simple as changing your style or buying a bouquet of fresh flowers is more than enough.

Whether you are getting a completely new wardrobe or just looking for a few statement pieces to freshen up your look, you’ll need to know where to find the best shops and market places in Dublin to make the most out of your shopping trip. There are quite a few places worth mentioning. Let’s take a look at the most prominent ones.

photo by Robert Linsdell from St. Andrews, Canada
Grafton Street

Grafton Street is a charming car-free area paved with bricks, where Dubliners and guests of the city can enjoy an afternoon of shopping while listening to buskers performing live, right there in the streets. Once you’re done listening to new generations of David Bowies and Jimi Hendrixes, just dive into one of the plentiful boutiques and shop to your heart’s content. There’s plenty of affordable shops to drop by, so it’s a place for everyone. You can find here anything from high-end boutiques with designer goods to vintage shops for that thrifty soul. But that’s not all the place has got to offer. The whole Grafton Street area is considered Dublin’s high street, so you’ll find here plenty of museums and galleries, as well as bars and restaurants for every taste and wallet.

Georges Street Arcade

Georges Street Arcade is probably one of the oldest city markets in Ireland, if not Europe. It’s been around since the 19th century, and it’s still going strong to this day. Georges Street Arcade is located in the heart of Dublin, just five minutes away from Grafton Street and Temple Bar. Here you can find exclusive boutiques as well as stalls with clothing, jewelry, knickknacks, and collectibles. Once you’re done shopping, there are many places to drop by for a little something to eat. The market opens every day at 9 AM Monday through Saturday and at noon on a Sunday. Closing hours vary from day to day, but the market is usually always open until 6 PM.

photo by Marek Slusarczyk
Moore Street Market

Moore Street Market is an open-air food and flower market, that’s the best place to go if you want to catch the nostalgia bug. This place takes you back to Old Dublin, with the vendors calling out to the shoppers, and all the produce laid out on the stalls so that you could touch and smell the fresh, organic goodness. Stock up on fresh vegetables from local farmers or try some tropical fruit imported from Asia and Africa. If you are local to Dublin or have access to a kitchen, it’s a wonderful idea to do your grocery shopping at the Moore Street Market and then use the fresh ingredients to cook up a delicious and healthy dinner.

Temple Bar Book Market

This outdoor book market takes place on the weekends from 11 AM till 6 PM on the busiest junction of the Temple Bar district. You don’t have to pay to get in, but make sure to have some cash on you in case you decide to buy something, as there’s a slim chance that the vendors will have a payment terminal, and you don’t want to drop everything and go around looking for an ATM. Here you can find new and used books of all genres, as well as such rare gems as art books and first edition collectibles. If you love all things books, you’ll find yourself at home, browsing the ever-changing collection of literary masterpieces with a good mixture of guilty-pleasure reads. There’s also a food market in this area on Saturday mornings, so it’s worth to dedicate your Saturday to visiting this place and at least having a look around.

Whether you’ve lived your whole life in Dublin, or just came to visit for a weekend, it’s worth taking a stroll to the shops and markets, mingling with the locals, and spending a buck here and there. And if we can be certain about anything at all, it’s that spring is the best time of year for a bit of shopping therapy.