Everyone riding a taxi has most probably encountered a situation where they forgot something in the car or found something the previous passenger left behind. Whether it was due to being in a hurry, or chatting with your driver, forgetting your phone, purse, or a bag in the back of the taxi is very common.

Taxi drivers are very often retrieving forgotten items. But you would be surprised by the diversity of things they find. We’ve talked to several drivers and asked them about the items they found, then put the results into two categories – most common and weirdest items they found.

Let’s take a look at the lists.

Most Common Items Found in a Taxi

One of the most common items taxi drivers find in their taxi is a women’s handbag. But we don’t understand how this happens since women carry their handbags everywhere. And those are handbags with all personal items inside. Also, many of the drivers said they found make-up and other things that might go into a woman’s bag, like tissues or a notebook.


Is there a person who has never lost a set of keys in their life? Perhaps you left your keys in bar, at the store counter or dropped them in the back of a taxi, only to realize it when you arrive home. The bad thing about finding keys in the back of the taxi is the difficulty to return them to their owner unless they remember to call the company and check.   

Mobile Phone

How does one forget their mobile phone when most of the time we have our phones practically glued to our hands? It’s an item you wouldn’t expect to find in the back seat or the floor of a taxi. The drivers we talked to said it’s most common to find mobile phones after the night shift on a weekend – which points out to our culprit making people forgetful – alcohol.  


Another item that you’d usually carry, especially in spring or autumn, found in taxis is a coat. And this makes somewhat sense. You took your coat with you in case it gets colder or windy, just to realize the weather is actually nice, and you don’t need to put it on. Since you don’t actually ‘need it’, it’s easy to leave it behind.

Strangest Items Found in a Taxi
Live animals

How does one leave their pet in the back of the taxi? A living, breathing thing is sitting next to you, or on your lap, so how do you forget it? (No judgement, just curiosity, but seriously, how). Is it a pet you just bought, or you intended to sell it or give it as a gift to someone? Hopefully it was something that happened due to unexpected circumstances and not on purpose.

Big Pile of Money

Another strange find was a pile of money mounting to several thousand euros. So what do you do in that case? Luckily, our drivers are honest enough to take the money to the nearest police station so they might be returned to their truthful owner. But, our question remains – who forgets having several thousand euros on them?

Cremation Ashes

On the list of weird items, and creepy to find, we have yet another peculiar item – urn full of creation ashes. Yes, we know funerals are overly emotional and devastating, but leaving your loved one’s ashes in a taxi is strange. Unless maybe, the deceased wanted to be left in a taxi to be driven around town as a final resting place?

A Baby

This is probably the worst story we’ve heard – finding a real live new-born baby. Having a baby is stressful, and daily task and errands can make it difficult to always keep an eye on your kid. But to leave your baby in a taxi? What, how, why?? How? We are just going to say we hope the mother was in deep shock. Luckily, the taxi driver took the baby to the police station so they can report it to child services and make sure the baby is taken care of.

Every day, hundreds of people pass through taxi cars. While they travel to their destination, they leave things behind, and talk about anything and everything disregarding the drivers. So if you talk to taxi drivers, they’d tell you interesting stories about rides, forgotten items they found, conversation they heard.

In all of that, drivers have to remain professional, courteous, respectful, and do the right thing. Especially when finding valuable items in the back seat or the taxi floor. We, at VIPTaxis, have a special  Lost-and-found policy and our drivers make sure they check the car for forgotten items after each ride. If they find something, we do everything we can to return the item to its owner – we either contact the passenger or drop the item at the nearest police station.

So, what is the item you lose most often? What is the weirdest thing you found in a taxi or forgot yourself?