“Water of life” is an expression that people usually associate with something mystical. However, in Dublin, it has an entirely different meaning. When someone says “water of life”, he or she is referring to Irish whiskey. Indeed, what beverage is more synonymous with the country than whiskey. There are a lot of wonderful places you can visit touring Dublin, although it takes time and research to get the best out of the experience.

The Dingle Whiskey Bar

Image taken from: Porterhouse

Relatively new to Dublin, the Dingle Whiskey Bar is a nice place for those who enjoy a classic interior look coupled with a modern touch. Designed in a cave-like manner, this place is a no-brainer for those who like classic looks and seeks something new in their drinking endeavors. The insides are compact, but not too cramped and oddly enough, there’s plenty of room to sit. Aside from having a large assortment of whiskey, the people working there are experts that are able to satisfy even the most demanding clients. The personnel is well-trained and will help you to decide what drink you want. Even if you go inside with zero expectations, we can assure you that you will be most certainly impressed. The pub accepts every major credit card and even has some online options.

Old Jameson Distillery


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You can’t say Dublin without mentioning the Old Jameson Distillery. Yes, the iconic brand we all know and love started here in Dublin, and is considered to be the landmark of the city. Back in 1780, John Jameson’s took his first step into the building and the rest is history. This is an amazing place not only for whiskey lovers but for anyone who is interested in old architecture and how good beverages are made. The place offers tours, degustations, and even cocktail blending classes. The place is a bit out of the main streets, but is easily reachable via taxi or even through local transport. This is a must-see attraction as its technically a city within a city, which is something you don’t often get see. The prices are quite steep, but trust us, it’s worth the ride.

The Palace Bar


Image taken from: Areah

Immune to time, the Palace bar is among the best Victorian pubs Dublin has to offer. Ever since it was open in the 1940’s the place hasn’t changed much. It is considered to be the most authentic place for whiskey tasting the country has to offer. The only downside of the bar is that the prices are generally higher than your average pub. Yet, it’s completely justified because of the high-level service you will get there. Bartenders are friendly and quite knowledgeable about the whiskey industry. The place is full of pictures and old furniture, while the atmosphere and tone is really warm. Occasionally live music is played there, and the place gets crowded and, as such, there’s no place to sit. Thus, if you plan on visiting the place, we highly recommend you to grab a taxi as often, by noon, there’s little room left.

Bowes Lounge Bar


Image taken from: Bowes pub

Considering it’s city center location, the place is unusually quiet. The place has a lot of character in it, and the overall design language represents the old Dublin culture. You get to see a lot of old-looking furniture, a huge amount of bottles on the bar and of course, lots of soft seats. The furniture is actually new, but it was designed to look old for authenticity. The lights inside are “tipsy” and the personnel is really attentive and fast. Although, if you planned on eating something there, bear in mind that they don’t serve a lot of dishes as its a bar, first and foremost. The place isn’t novel for Dublin, but it’s the coziness is what makes it so great. Not to mention whiskey of course. The place is often booked by noon, so if you plan on visiting it, you better get up early and, yes, don’t rely on public transport.

Sheehans Pub


Image taken from: Sheehans pub

What makes this pub stand out from the crowd, is that it’s more of a family place than a traditional pub. This hidden gem is not only amazing in terms of the interior but offers a massive variety of beverages, including some exclusive whiskey. The pub is located in the heart of the city and you will be surprised by the assortment of different drinks they have. From pure whiskey to cocktails, there virtually everything. They also serve traditional Irish cuisine and have a nice collection of beers which is something of a novelty for pubs. Thus, if you aren’t exactly a whiskey lover, you will definitely find something for yourself. Also, the pub is always quiet no matter what time of day or night you come. A perfect place for people who love to work somewhere outside and want to have a peace of mind.