Home to more than 600 animals, the 70-acre Dublin Zoo hosts some of the most unusual animals. Being a popular family attraction, and with more than a million visitors yearly, this, perhaps, is the most prominent part of the old Dublin.

Home to Red Pandas

Dublin zoo is not your average zoo, it hosts zebras, rhinos, giraffes, gorillas, you name it. Yet, what sets it apart from the rest of the competition, is the inclusion of the red panda and Bornean orangutans. These exotic animals aren’t just rare but endangered and on the verge of being extinct. The zoo relies on generous donations and visitor fee to survive. As stated by the administration, their core mission is to make sure that rare species have a home where they can repopulate. The zoo is also responsible for many popular breeding techniques. They are experts in their craft, and it shows. Aside from hosting exclusive animals, one can easily expect to see bats, hippos, monkey and all that jazz.


How to get there!

The zoo is easily accessible by taxi or public transport, but if you settled somewhere in the downtown, you can get there by foot. The zoo is opening every day at 9:30 and work all year round. And like most zoos, the last admission is one hour before closing time. Inside, you can expect the usual suite: a restaurant, a shop, and plenty of kiosks. Last but not least, the zoo was designed for disability, meaning that all corners, stairs, etc. are equipped with proper rails. Also, a neat bonus for newcomers, the zoo slashed the entrance fee in half to celebrate the start of a new season. The zoo also added a few new members, including three California sea lions and twelve Chilean flamingo chicks.

Before you go!

Going blind will still result in a nice trip, but it’s always better when you are prepared. There are a few sights-to-be-seen that are available only in specific hours. One such is the feeding hour. We can assure you, that some of these feeding sessions are shows in their own specific way. There’s also the “meet the keeper” session. It might seem boring, but they are specialist in their respective field and can share info you won’t find in the books. Lastly, there are the “keeper talks”, which is more or less the same as the “meet the keeper” session but has a more technical aspect. Another thing you should keep in mind is that you can always do picnicking. The place has plenty of tables on the grounds, and to be honest, the feeling is totally different. Our buck goes to picnicking.

Worth visiting

As the title suggests, it worth the trip. Be it by taxi, public transport, or foot, you don’t want to miss out visiting one of the most important landmarks of Dublin. With recent price cuts and new members, we highly recommend you visit the Dublin Zoo.