When it comes to the music scene, Dublin is like a melting pot of styles and genres. Whether you’re a classical music buff, crave some 1960s psychedelia, or you like to rock hard and heavy, rest assured that in its plentiful choice of pubs, concert halls, and music venues Dublin has something to offer. Here are five of the best music venues that you should visit in 2020.

The Cobblestone

Make a beeline from the flock of tourists heading towards the popular Temple Bar and visit the Cobblestone in Smithfield, Dublin, for some good beer and traditional Irish vibes. The pub frequently presents impromptu concerts and performances. Being one of the lesser-known but loved locally pubs and music halls in Dublin, The Cobblestone preserves its traditional ways and continues to serve new generations of Dubliners thirsty for some amber brew and good music. Apart from keeping the Irish musical tradition alive, The Cobblestone also hosts songwriting nights, set dancing, history talks, and more.

Upcoming events:

January 7 – Session with the Pipers | Traditional Music Recitals

January 9 – One for the Foxes

January 16 – Adam Fleming “Calling the Ghost to Life”

January 18 – Charlie Le Brun | Album Launch

The Button Factory

If you’re longing for a different kind of experience this next venue might be just the thing you’re looking for. The Button Factory is especially popular with electronic music enthusiasts, although they proudly present themselves as being a “versatile venue with a modern vibe”. They’re also the home to Ireland’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum. If you’re going on a night out, make sure to visit this venue for some lively atmosphere and a round or two of drinks. The varied assortment of musical performances, as well as the bar menu, can gratify the most exquisite taste. It’s something worth experiencing at least once.

Upcoming events:

January 4, 10 – January Sale // Free Party

January 17 – Endor [Pump It Up] & Josh Coakley

January 18 – Lee Fields & The Expressions

January 19 – 070 Shake

January 22 – Aoife Scott ‘HomeBird’ Album Launch

January 23 – Seth Lakeman

January 24 – Open Up Dublin | Simon Patterson, John Askew & Will Atkinson

January 25 – International Student Festival

January 31 – The Tension 10th Anniversary Gig

Olympia Theatre

The Olympia is a beloved music theatre in Dublin that each year hosts a variety of live music, comedy and theatre shows. Its history goes back to the late 19th century when the venue started out as The Star of Erin Music Hall in 1897. It followed the tradition of the saloon and music hall that occupied the site prior to the theatre’s construction. Over the years, The Olympia Theatre has welcomed many great performers and well-known artists such as Charlie Chaplin, David Bowie, Radiohead, and Adele.

Upcoming events:

January 3, 4 – Cinderella: the Story of Cinders and Her Fella

January 5, 19 – Sing-A-Long-A The Greatest Showman

January 11 – Woody Woodmansey & Tony Visconti’s Holy Holy

January 17 – Whitney Queen of the Night

January 18 – The Roy Orbison Story

January 23 – The Musical Box


Without hesitation, Whelan’s can be called an iconic venue that hosted ready-made stars like Ed Sheeran and Arctic Monkeys. It can also brag of having discovered many of the rising independent acts. Many more can be discovered any night of the week at this home to music lovers who appreciate anything from rock to root. Whelan’s is hosting a Silent Disco party every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events and get a chance to rave to the sound of world-renowned music icons as well as local indie bands.

Upcoming events:

January 8 – Dublin Bowie Festival

January 11 – Amy Naessens – Live

January 22 – Insomnium & Conjurer

January 24 – Big Sleep

January 29 – Sam Lewis

The Bernard Shaw

This place is a bit of a walk from the city center but it’s well worth taking a taxi. The Bernard Shaw has everything to satisfy your soul’s deepest desires – delicious food, cheap drinks, hipster vibes, and a different music adventure every night. As they say on their Facebook page, “Music is our first love”. But you’ll find out soon enough that The Bernard Shaw has a lot more to offer – pizza parties, art exhibitions, festivals, yard markets, and live shows. If you only get to see one pub in Dublin, then it better be The Bernard Shaw. It’ll give you a good taste of the diverse and friendly Dublin community.

Upcoming events:


(more to be announced)

These are just a few of the music venues that will be worth your time, hosting events to look forward to this month and the ones to come. Dublin has a lot in store for those waiting to get lost in the beats or enjoy a night of good food and quality musical performance.