Over 40 years ago, 1974 to be precise VIP was founded by the Norton brothers. Believe it or not one of their first vehicles was a horse and cart with a radio in it! It wasn't long after drivers belonging to VIP bought over the company and made it into a co-operative company.

Dublin 1967 VIP 1976

Concentrating on quality drivers, we attracted quality account work and within a short period of time in the 80s VIP was the company that many of the corporate businesses decided to use and are still with us to this day. From our humble beginnings we reached 120 cars by the 90s, things stayed static for a while and by the time 2000 hit VIP was ready for a change.


We went from a co-op to a privately owned company bought over by key players within the company. Straight away we decided to invest in a computer dispatch system and expand our driver base by merging with ACE Taxis Dun Laoghaire. We then followed up by taking on board Fonacab in Blanchardstown and ABC Sallynoggin and by 2006 the company had in access of 250 taxis.

2006 - 2008

By 2008, with steady growth due to the boom we had a fleet of 350 taxis and then the Celtic tiger groaned its last roar. We had to make changes accordingly by restructuring our business model. Although we did not grow in numbers we held our own and by 2011 we still a fleet of 350 taxi which was a remarkable achievement considering other taxis companies were going out of business or declining dramatically in numbers.

2008 - 2011

In 2011 the VIP group decided to rebrand all our companies into one and call it one name, so A1 taxis, ACE Taxis, ABC, Fonacab, Northwest, Blanchardstown Taxis, Fast cabs and Five Star taxis are all operating under the VIP umbrella. Our rebrand was the kick start we needed.


Our rebrand led to fully uniformed drivers who have had training in eco-drive, diversity and equality. We have also obtained ISO 9001 standards, and we are looking forward to the next 40 years.